27 déc. 2014

Facebook NoMoreSeen : Block 'Seen' notifications from your Facebook messages

Facebook NoMoreSeen is an addon for Chrome / Firefox that lets you easily block notifications "Seen" of your Facebook messages. 


  • Easily block the 'Seen' notification when you open a Facebook message
  • NoMoreSeen installs discreetly, no need to restart the browser


Chrome            Firefox


- How does it work?
Once installed, NoMoreSeen immediately goes on: you can quietly read your Facebook messages without notifying the sender reading. NoMoreSeen can be deactivated at any time by clicking on the icon that is placed in your browser.

- And ... it's free?
Yes, NoMoreSeen is completely free, and without ads :)

Found a bug ?

You have found a bug? Great ! Feel free to drop me a mail describing the problem you encountered, I hasten to respond and correct the problem later ;-)

Contact the developer 

Email: stephan.kouadio@gmail.com
Google+ :  https://plus.google.com/u/0/+StéphaneKouadio/

2 commentaires:

  1. Using a Chrome extension is good idea when you don't want to let them know that you have SEEN the message in real time.

    But what if you are on mobile or due to some reason you "accidentally" SAW their message ?

    I recently wrote an article on how to unseen read Facebook message, there I have explained how one can 'unseen' a message even after reading it.

    Do let me know what do you feel about it :)

    1. Hi Technesh,

      I have read your article, that is very informative, indeed a good way to do in the case of mobile for example.

      In my own opinion, the only problem I find with using the url "www.facebook.com/messages/?ref=hl" while on mobile is that it will load a lot of web files (js, css, ...) that could make some time to load, which could be a problem for people with a low data bandwidth/speed. Another solution could be to go into messages (with Facebook mobile website, and not desktop one), and when in "Messages", use the button which is at top corner right, and select "Mark as unread". But I really appreciate the procedure though, thank you :)