30 avr. 2014

How to fix "Message not sent. Touch to retry" error/notification in Android SMS application

Using the SMS / MMS Android application, you may have already encountered the message "Message not sent. Touch to retry" that appears in your notification bar. This means that you probably have an old message which could not be sent, and which is always there in your phone.


Here's how to solve this problem:
1. Download and install Handcent SMS
2. If you are using Android 4.4.x (KitKat), set Handcent as default SMS application
3. Open Handcent and do Menu -> More (or More again) -> Undelivered

4. Delete each old message which appears 
5. It's done. You can now remove Handcent and continue using your old SMS application.

Since version 6.0 of Handcent, you will not find the "More" option. Then here is how to find unsent messages to delete:
- Open Handcent
- Go to: Settings -> Send message settings -> Delivery report
- There you can delete the undelivered messages :)

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