29 juil. 2011

Facefont - English

FaceFont is a small add-on for Chrome and Firefox, that aims to improve your daily usage of Facebook. Let's discover its main features.

* Add beautiful emoticons to Facebook status and comments

Adding emoticons in your status and comments never became easier. With Facefont, find your favorite emoticons in one click.

* Get notified directly in your browser

No need to go check yourself, your notifications come to you directly in your browser.

* Choose the size of Facebook status that fits you

For better readability, nothing better than a font size appropriate to itself. Facefont gives you the opportunity to choose one that suits you best.

Download for free

(Latest stable version: 5.0)

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facefont/lodnfcjkieajnelomlbdgbghgbbicflg

Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/facefont/versions

Found a bug ?

You have found a bug? Great ! Feel free to drop me a mail describing the problem you encountered, I hasten to respond and correct the problem later ;-)

Contact the developer 

Email: stephan.kouadio@gmail.com
Google+ :  https://plus.google.com/u/0/+StéphaneKouadio/


Release Notes : 
* Version 5.0
- Add +180 emoticons in status and comment boxes
- Improved notification speed (full CPU parallelization)
- Add a system popup when a new notification arrives on Facebook
- Remove "smiley on status" processing since it is now included in Facebook
- Improved integration with new Facebook style
- Updated translations (english / french)
- Minor changes on tooltip / right-click text on Facefont icon
- Fixed "notification count width" bug
- Windows: fixed "options window do not close" bug
- More compact UI in options window
- Various bug fixes, code refactor and optimisations  

* Version 4.0.2
- Click on Notification count now browses to Facebook
- Fixed "sprite sheet icons" bug in Firefox small icon mode
- Fixed Warning message in Error Console
- Added a label in Customize Toolbar window 

* Version 4.0.1
- Fixed problem of opening preference Window for all-non french users
- Fixed Facebook Notification count, including now Messages and friend request
- Fixed "Enable Facefont" preference bug. Now preference is well saved, and elements in preference window are hidden when disabling Facefont
- Some minor changes on UI

* Version 4.0
- New major version of Facefont
- Added Facebook notifications count on Facefont icon
- Added Smileys picklist on comment box
- Added possibility to disable Facefont while installed
- More customization in preference window
- Added notification context menu on icon in toolbar. Link navigates to Facebook
- Changed logo. More simpler :)
- General algorithms improved, which make it faster
- Better integration in new Facebook
- Fixed position of smiley picklist (in status box)
- Removed the functionnality of emoticons on facebook comments, since Facebook now integrates it natively
- Updated translations
- Fixed many others bugs

* Version 3.1.2
- Fixed minor bugs
- Added support for 5 more smileys (>:-( , O:-( , :v (pacman) , >:-O , O:-) ) 

* Version 3.1.1
- More stable
- Fixed bug on some status
- Fixed scope bug (ReferenceError on "Facefont_TA")  

* Version 3.1
- Many bugs fixed, because of changes on Facebook architecture
- Added the ability to pick up (select) a smiley when writting a new Facebook status
- Improved parsing algorithm 

* Version 3.0.2
- Facebook changed again its architecture, that made the addon bug. FIXED.
- Speed improved.
- Fixed bugs on Timeline (status and smileys)

* Version 3.0.1
- Better integration in Firefox
- Fixed bug : options window didn't load properly sometimes.
- Handle customization through addon-bar (firefox 4+)

* Version 3.0
- Now possible to enable smileys on Facebook comments
- Possibility to show/hide Facefont icon on toolbar
- Compatible with new Facebook UI (timeline).  

* Version 2.5

With version 2.5, finally find the old Facebook Chat.
Changes :
- Ability to use or not the old Facebook Chat
- Several improvements, again with the new emoticons supported

* Version 2.1.2
- Supports more emoticons ( 8-) , 8-| , >:-( , >:-O , O:-) , 3:-) , :-* , :3 )
-On more than two identical smileys of a status, only the first had its image changed. [bug fixed]
- An icon of Facefont has now been added in the toolbar.

* Version 2.1
- 2 times more faster than the previous version
- After confirming the settings, the size of the status applies immediately to Facebook
- An internal change in the architecture of Facebook was crashing the add-on (bug now fixed)
- An overview was added in the preference window. You can see now what look like facebook status.
- Several other bug fixes

* Version 2.0.1:
Fixed : The size of preference window is now automatic, no need to resize it yourself.

The version 2 of FaceFont brings new features :
- Added a preference window for selecting options
- Added the ability to choose the font size of Facebook status
- Added the ability to enable emoticons in facebook status
- Support for multiple languages ​​(currently French and English)

* Version 1.0
- Enlarges the font size of facebook status to a good size (not editable).

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